For individuals and business alike, cashflow plays an important part in ensuring survival and continuing to operate on a day to day basis. Therefore if you are owed sums of money and need legal assistance in recovery of sums of money demanded but remain unpaid or assistance in pursing bad debts then we have the expertise to help.
We understand that recovery is key and we deal with each case speedily and in the most cost effective manner possible. Throughout all the stages of the debt collection process from the issuing of the initial demand letter right through each stage to finally obtaining and registering a Judgement, we will advise you of all of your options at each stage and advise you of the costs involved in each stage so that a fully informed decision can be made and instructions given. You will be assisted and guided through the entire debt collection process in clear steps to ensure that you obtain and outcome that is practical and cost effective.
If you are require advise then to arrange a consultation, contact us by telephone at 01-899 6005 or simply fill in the Enquiry Form below.

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